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Tales of the Pirate Investor, by Jon Silver


Marketing Professional

This is it! I'm amazed with Jon, who decided to share his wide trading experience and views on financial world in a very kind manner and with brutal honesty. That is absolute refreshing and not only for inspiration but also for education. Highly recommend for those who are looking for a life change and ready to take the risk and play the game


Senior Consultant

For an investor or trader, this is very rare to cross our ways... I've read a lot, from Jesse Livermore to Classic investment books and none has so deeply changed my life as an investor.

What's so great about Jon is that he describes sooo well exactly the feelings, ups and downs that we investors all go through and how he coped with them, just as if he was sitting next to you, having a casual conversation.

Other will give you strategies, psychology and that's great. But Jon brings awareness to how these really work in the real world, he's able to describe exactly what you feel when dealing with markets and then aims at giving you ways to deal with these situations with astonishing good common sense and logic that will definitely make you rethink your investment strategy, psychology and make you become a stronger investor.

I also loved to see the conjunction of so many investment and trading worlds, combining fundamental and technical, joining the disputing worlds and showing how he massively profited from this.

Definitely one of the top 5 on investment or trading, for me it made it straight to the number 1 and the world of investing might be lucky to see Jon surging as a modern day Jesse Livermore.


Portfolio Manager

I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of knowledge about the markets contained in the course offered in the lifetime membership!

I loved learning the first hand trading experiences and the lessons Jon learned in his extensive career. He gives you some true insider gems about the markets that I would never have found out anywhere else. After the course, I became a profitable and consistent trader. Jon's rules are more than common sense, they are genius! I can't stress how much you are missing out by not doing his course... after you do it, you will understand. I was blown away. My trading and investment strategies now are on a totally other level.

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